Discovering the Flora and Fauna of Florida

November 5, 2020

I wasn’t really focusing on the past. I was focusing on dealing with all the things that are going on today, current events, just finding some me time. I’ve never really done that. My husband’s always threatening me to take some time off for myself. But I’ve always played the good Catholic girl of, you know, be the mom, be the wife, be the good daughter, and working full-time. Now I’m disabled, I’m retired.

However, my mom has Alzheimer’s, unfortunately. So this is good therapy for me, is the art. So I go out and take pictures, go for walks. Florida has a lot of beautiful preserves, and throughout the seasons these are some of the photos that I’ve taken. And sometimes I go with my son, and we talk, or we’re just quiet. Sometimes I go with my friend. She was a Master Gardener, God rest her soul. She passed away this January.

She would be able to identify every single thing that we’d come across. Or I’d send her a picture and say “Can I eat this?” And she’d text me back, “Don’t you dare. Just kidding. It’s good for the birds, but not for you.” It’s such and such she would say in the Latin term.

But there’s something about complete silence, you just hear the birds or the branches and the breezes and seeing the fish jump up in the air to catch the flies, and the water, it’s very settling, very peaceful. It can be very healing. And so even if it’s for just a few-minute walk, it really decompresses the day.

So I’ve been playing around with photography. There’s something that my library has, it used to be called Linda. And there’s a gentleman on there that does cell phone photography. So I’ve been following that a little bit. And then I take some art classes, acrylics and watercolor, and all of that fun stuff.

You know when I think to the past, I was looking at it, “What makes you happy now?” In the past I would say, “My family trips we used to have or the funny stories,” but I’m doing that separately for the children. I told them I would make little journals, art journals for them because I didn’t do the traditional baby book thing since I was working.

I always saved a lot of their artwork. I have the photos. And then I’ll just put in there little fun stories and memories we had with them when they were growing up. But for me right now, the picture I have right up there it’s sea grapes, you see the little beads and pioneers, and the Indians used to make sea grape jelly.

But I like fractal geometry, the shapes of nature, and how they work. And I like the shades. And I guess some people love doing the landscape by just focusing on, “Oh, that’s an interesting shape,” or “That’s an interesting shade,” or something like that. So I play around with it.

And I’m just starting out, but it’s a hobby. It’s my me time, as I’d call it, to go out and just take pictures. I’ve been very, very spoiled by the beautiful weather, the flora, the fauna of Florida. So it’s basically, what I find is my new hobby and what makes me so happy.

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