A family tradition

Oct 1, 2019

I love Thanksgiving, I’ve been doing Thanksgiving for years. This is the time where all the family get together, my children, their children, and sometimes their friends. I’m just surprised that you know, different people that I haven’t seen in years, that they bring. I love cooking for Thanksgiving. And mostly now, since I’m getting older, I would like for one of them to take over now so I can go to their house for Thanksgiving. That’s what I’m working on now. Well, I have 3 children living in Georgia and one in South Carolina, then I start this new one, going there for Thanksgiving. Because I really love Thanksgiving, that’s the time when I can see the little ones. Do my kids know how to cook?…Yeah…my son, my son in Georgia. He cooks. He’ll feed the whole neighborhood. I’m not retiring, but I’d like a change. 

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