Oct 8, 2019

As a child, I was a good student. I liked to write essays and I discovered, I don’t know, I was a good cheerleader. Now, my favorite thing that I like to do, is gardening. That’s my favorite. I used to go down South on vacation and help people start a garden, working on it. I just love nature! I just love waking up the next morning and seeing what happened out side. I love nature. I wanted to garden at Wyckoff, but I didn’t get the opportunity to do that. But every time I pass by, I’m like I could’ve done that. I love gardening.

I’m pretty good with children, with people, I’m a people person. I liked to get involved with different things. Coming to Wyckoff Center is one of the best things that happened to me because I used to stay in the house all the time. Coming here is very important to me. Sometimes I miss, but I should be there, I want to be there. I’m pretty good at some things, some things I’m not, but I try.

I had my own garden down South. Down south i did. Oh and here too, at the back of Wyckoff. We had vegetable garden back there, we had collard greens, string beans, corn, at the back of Wyckoff, and we had plenty of flowers. We’d get up a 6 o’clock in the morning and plant plant all day. We would come out when the sun go down in the afternoon, it’s very fun. Nature is very important to me. We got to realize that everything begins with the seed. Everything begins with the seed, even human life begins with the seed. So that tells you something about nature.

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