Pride Stories with Life Story Club

LGBTQ+ Pride Stories with Life Story Club
Tuesday, June 15 at 3PM ET
A life storytelling event where folks will share memories related to LGBTQ+ spaces and memorable Pride celebrations. At the event, the group will read and briefly discuss the Danez Smith poem, “The 17-Year Old & the Gay Bar” then participants will exchange stories of their own.

LGBTQ+ Pride Stories Recording Event with Life Story Club
Tuesday, June 22 at 3PM ET
A recording event where folks can share stories to be edited and shared with the larger public using Life Story Club’s platform, blog, and social channels in celebration of Pride Month. Participants are free to share any story related to Pride or their LGBTQ+ identity, but here are some guiding questions:

  • How did it feel the first time you were surrounded by people you could truly identify with?
  • What was your most memorable Pride celebration?
  • What is your coming out story?
  • How has your identity taken shape over the years?
  • What does being part of the LGBTQ+ community mean to you?