Extraordinary Day

Nov 1, 2019

Well, I agree that every day is extraordinary in its own right, that there’s a lot of things, but one of the more extraordinarily days in my life is, I think, the blackout in the 1990s. What year was that? I can’t actually remember, but we were blacked out. The whole northeast was blacked out.

Virtually everything from obviously the lights, the overhead lights, to going to the bathroom. Not going to the bathroom, but flushing the toilet. The water is drawn by electricity. So once you flush, that’s the end of the water. There’s no way to pump it up.

This was the black out in the ’90s…’97 that was, that makes sense. And it was like, it was a lot of stuff that you couldn’t … It was very hard to do things and food places knew that everything was going to go bad, so there was plenty of food because every restaurant didn’t want to get stuck with all the food, so they would cook. If they had gas grills, they could cook the food and give it to anybody walking on the street.

There were a whole lot of people walking around, but the fact that we didn’t have electricity, and by the way, as you know, there were definitely no subways and the buses were a waste of … That was an, let’s not get into that, except to say that the lucky people got onto the bus and they didn’t get very far after that, I can guarantee you. Whatever, but I didn’t get stuck in an elevator.

That’s someone else’s story.

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