Extraordinary Day at Work

Oct 15, 2019

I was young, I worked at a sewing machine factory on Canal street. But my girlfriend had me do the most important part of the whole job, and me and my boss had a big argument and we couldn’t get no breaks and we wasn’t getting enough money. So, material, something happened to the material. I told them I would do it over again. He said, “No, you don’t.” The chair fell. He said to pick up his chair. I said, “I’m not picking up a goddarn thing. You ain’t paying me enough.” So I left. But the union people call me back. So what happened was, I said, “I’ll only come back if you give us a break in the morning and a break in the afternoon, and you give us a raise.” And that’s what happened. 

My rewarding job, I was a foster parent for 17 years. 

My last job, I was a home health aid and I retired from that. So, that’s it.

Did you find home health aid rewarding?

Yeah, it was rewarding. Yeah. Different types of people. Some bad stories. Right. You get used to some. But I did that for a long time and I did the foster thing for a long time. I’ve been pretty busy.

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