Extraordinary Day

Nov 1, 2019

So many…

I’m going to give you one. I’ll give you the quickly. When I was working back on the island, I was only 17, 18 years old. I was working for a company, and I was on the outside. So a guy comes down and says to me, “Could you change five dollars? I mean twenty dollars for me?”

I said, “I don’t have twenty. I’ve got a fifty dollar note.” I gave him a fifty dollar note, and the man disappeared. Because I was young. I was young and not too intelligent about the game. I was just picking something, and I don’t know how the fifty dollars get out of my hand. But he took my fifty dollar and he just…ran away with my fifty dollars.

I had to pay it all back because when we do all the check up, I was fifty dollars short. And make-

What was your job?

Oh that was working in a company that used to just… It was one of the mobile companies that used to sell all kind of things. You go into a job there. So they give you a thing to start on, and while you’re working on that, people do take advantage of you.

It hurt me. It still now.

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