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A Family Life Story Workshop is a great way to bond with loved ones and preserve their life stories. Invite your loved one(s) with you to a private, online workshop hosted by a Vita Story Club memoirist. Our memoirist guides your loved one(s) through sharing their meaningful life experiences, and helps audio record and curate your audio stories into a treasured keepsake for your family.

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How It Works

1 . Get started by signing up with your email and phone number.

2 . A Vita Story Club memoirist will reach out to you to schedule a 45 minute workshop for you and your loved one, whose stories you’d like to save.

3 . In the workshop, our memoirist will guide your loved one through sharing their life stories. You are welcome to invite other family members or friends to the workshop to listen to the storytelling.

4 . Our memoirist audio records the storytelling, and curates a memory book full of audio stories for you to save as a keepsake.

Where We’ll Meet

Our workshops will take place online or on the phone over Zoom conferencing. Once you sign up, we’ll send you a phone number for you to dial in or a link so that you can join via video chat.

If you’d like to know more about how to set up Zoom, read our simple instructions page.


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Workshops are pay per session. Each 45 minute session costs $60.

Each session includes the audio recording and curation of audio stories to your family’s Vita story account.

*Additional service: Transcription of audio stories to text costs $1.50/minute of audio recording

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*All proceeds go towards supporting our life story workshops at NYC senior centers, nursing homes, and through local community partners.






The Vita Storytime Cards contain 40 fun, engaging questions for families to discover and preserve the life stories of their senior family members. Truly bond with your parents or grandparents by asking them the Storytime questions, and you’ll laugh, cry and cherish hearing their life experiences.



Vita Story Club is a nonprofit dedicated to sharing and preserving the life stories of older adults. We’ve worked with various organizations, such as the Brooklyn Public Library and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, as well as hundreds of individuals to preserve the life stories of their loved ones.


Lily Z.

The discovery of an ancient, family tree book that documents her family’s history over centuries has spurred her to preserve the life stories of all the elders in her life. She has founded Vita Story Club to help older adults honor and preserve their life stories. Lily lives in Brooklyn, New York and enjoys summer barbecues in Prospect Park with her husband and 2-year old son.

Linnea G.

Linnea has a Master’s in Creative Writing and before making the move to New York, she taught English Composition at Minnesota State University. Over the past four years, Linnea has run numerous creative writing and storytelling workshops in Minnesota and New York. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her dog, Icarus, where she enjoys park-hopping and getting lost in museums.

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