Family Tradition

Oct 25, 2019

My family, the best family tradition I guess, one of my favorites, was once a month we would get together and have a family meal, and there were a lot of cousins that I can’t even remember all my cousins. They seemed to produce children after World War Two, that’s what I noticed. So it was a once a month deal and everyone would get together and somehow our house got to be the big house to come to. But my grandmother would cook. My mother was a horrible cook but my grandmother, she knew how to do everything. God bless her she has to make fresh pasta, and so it was a really special meal. But that was only once a month and then during the summer we didn’t have those that event going, so we waited for… it was through September through May, I think, that we were active in doing that. I don’t know. I guess too many people died in the family to do it together. So that’s it. Thank you.

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