Family Tradition

Oct 25, 2019

Well my tradition was Thanksgiving, well actually Christmas too, but Thanksgiving on paper. And generally it was for 12 of us. So my mom usually had to cook. Our family’s favorite was sweet potato pie and cakes. You know all the trimmings you get as a kid, you like the sweet, you know how to cook it up.

A lot of time, the thing I like about it was all the family together and my mom being a good cook, they would have other people come over there. So you got to play with cousins that you didn’t see for throughout the year or for years. You know, it’s just a whole family gathering and different family members, half of whom you didn’t know because you as a kid – it was aunt so and so… So you know was it fun, you know, to be a kid. You didn’t have to pay for nothing. So everything you thought grew on trees and mom’s was the beneficiary of everything. You didn’t realize it till you get older now that you know the joy of it, just having that camaraderie with the family and just seeing everybody, you know, you took for granted then as a child and you’re most grateful for it now when you do get it, if it ever happens, and you try to install it in your family. 

Did you try to replicate it with your own family?

No, because usually my mother… until she passed on we were going to continue to gather. Once she passed it was kind of like everybody kind of went their own way. So you kind of lost it. You know, it’s always one person to keep the glue. That’s right. That’s basically it.