Family Tradition

Oct 25, 2019

It was Thanksgiving occasion. Except we had turkey and being Puerto Rican we’d have pork also. So the kids would fight over the pork. No, I want the pork. No I want to Turkey, so that was a lot of fun. Some wanted pork and some wanted turkey. The pork was always smaller than the turkey. For some reason my mother didn’t want us to eat too much pork. She wanted us to eat healthy, so the turkey was bigger. Anyway we would have that feast. And then we, like nowadays after Thanksgiving you watch football on TV. We used to go to the movies and take up a whole row and we would fall asleep half of us, because we ate so much. My uncles, everybody, we’d take up a whole row. And the movies was 10 cents at the time. Yeah that’s a good part of it too. So that’s my favorite. 

I do that now with my kids. I do the cooking when they come over. 

Has anyone taken on your cooking skills, the cooking tradition? 

Yeah my daughter, my daughter does, so she continues. 

Do you remember a particular movie?

Oh you know we saw, the first time we ever saw, Judy Garland – her daughter’s movie? The Wizard of Oz! We saw the Wizard of Oz we saw a lot of great movies, in color too.  Her daughter is Liza Minelli. She’s alive yeah.

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