Family Tradition

Oct 25, 2019

Well, we were really.. My Grandmother was a fabulous cook and she had a beautiful farm upstate west of Schenectady and near a little town called Esperance. And it was four hundred and fifty acres and the Schoharie “crick”, they always called it a “crick”, ran through, which was beautiful, which is where my mother is buried actually. They had a beautiful cemetery overlooking the Schoharie crick.  My mother was a wonderful mother. She was a fabulous artist. She used to do full page ads in The New York Times for B Altman and Company, which at that time was a really good department store. And… but, I don’t know why I was raised by my maid Constant Delight. She was a black woman, but she was so sweet and loving and caring and she was a maid. But she had her own bedroom in our house. Not the farm, but, well, she also had a room there too when we would go up there in the summer. But we lived on 11th street. 

Were you the only child?

I’m an only child.

So did you do anything a family tradition, just you and your parents?

Not really. My grandmother would cook for the holidays and my grandfather would come up to the farm and we would stay there but it was very lonesome because there were no kids around. I’m a city person, I really like the city, I’m not a country person at all. So I was always trying for me to go to the country for a couple of weeks in the summer. 

But my mother took me all over this country when I was a child. Then we’d go skiing, and go whatever you know turn this on or turn me on. And then when I was an adult, I took her all over the world. I travelled. 

Travelling was your tradition the two of you. 

Yes. We loved travelling and we loved to see different cultures. And we did that most of our lives. 

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