Favorite Family Tradition

Dec 9, 2019

But every year we have a favorite family traditional things. You might have, what do you call? Easter. And you might find different religious groups Judaists , they might celebrate their own different, and what not.

But we went to school. The principal just said, you’re going to have Thanksgiving thing. You know? A Party. Whatever it is, they give it to us, and what not.

I mean, you go home … my home, where I come from, we might have everything. A light Christmas tree, ornaments made by hand. There’d be a certain light for the trees. Long blue, greens, and what not.

And they bring it in their house and we finished with it and what not. We take it back after the holiday, before the new years come in. We plant it again, and what not.

Many people, they have their own traditional things. I know, you just don’t come in this land and take over what is theirs, and what not.

And for the new years? Oh, we might take the shotgun out, they going to shoot up to the elements for the new years. Christmas in the south. You can’t do that in the north, really. But, take it out and shoot up to the elements. For the old year to the new year to come in.

Everybody have their own tables, and what not. Natives have their Christmas, too, their own tradition, what not, at certain times, certain day, and what not. And then, sit down. Let’s sit and eat, and what not.

And then, some people at that time, it was in the 40s, when Pearl Harbor. I remember that, and this and that, but I leave home at 43, because I had a home to go to. Home out there and everything, and what not. Like the girl who mentioned to me this morning, back then this country had beautiful paradise. Elephants, buffalo, everything and what not. Those who come abroad have no right to come in and take over somebody’s life, and take over somebody’s possession, and what not. You see? They have no rights, and what not. Because you go out there, take something, then they want to destroy you, and what not.

I had met other people over the Christmas and the holidays and what not, in New York. Oh, you decorate this. You decorate that. You go the trees, you got the big, rosy, bell, and what not. You got this.You got the food. You could buy who you want to buy, and what not. You got the toys, and this and that. You got clothes, and this and that. You don’t have to wait till the holiday to get all that. You got it, and what not.

And then, in the school they had … wherever they were going to give, you going to take it and make good of it, and what not. I met a lot of people with different walks of life, and what not.

And then as it go on, yes, some people come to Europe. They poor, and what not. And yes, you going to find in the tradition of Judaist and what not. They have their food, and this and that. Some might have turkeys. What they want for their holiday. A real steak, and this and that. But I met a lot in school, and where I come from we teach the doctors and lawyers and the nurses, and this and that.

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