Favorite Family Tradition

Dec 9, 2019

Well, it was Christmas. And it’s still going on because they’re still coming. From North Carolina. But that’s not that far, but they’re here and they’ll be here until after Christmas.

Yes, and I’m having a good time because I don’t have to cook. They tell me to go out. We know what we’re doing, so they send me out, go shopping. Oh, I just love that. I love it, but it’s beautiful. It is beautiful just to have them there and to be around me. You know? Because I didn’t have no children or nothing, so I’m spoiled myself. Yeah, it’s really nice.

But I know it’s a blessing to have these people here. You know? And everybody, like I say, everybody goes out and when they say, “We’re going shopping, you stay here,” me. They don’t want me to see what they’re going to do. Because it’s a surprise. But it’s beautiful.

Then when they leave, it’s just like … I don’t know. I just stop thinking about it. Start feeling down. It wouldn’t be the same, you know? Like the house, everything get quiet and I find myself, I’m just sitting there by myself. Bye. I see you. I’ll write you. I’m going to call you. Oh, boy, all of that, you know.

My half sister comes up from North Carolina. I got a half sister. And her five children. Oh, yeah. Oh, the house is full. But I enjoy every one of them.

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