Favorite Family Tradition

Dec 9, 2019

Well, our favorite family tradition was Thanksgiving because we were Jewish and we didn’t celebrate Christmas, and so Thanksgiving was the big deal. There would be 40 of us at Thanksgiving dinner. My maiden name was Cronestadt, which means crown city in German.  I have no idea how we got that name. I have not a clue. I come from a Jewish Russian family, but I was born in the United States. But Thanksgiving really meant something because that’s when we would all be together, and they were all a lot of Cronestadts.

We would alternate between New York and Washington, DC, where the rest of my family lived. The tradition was that each one would bring a dish. We would share. You know, the whole idea of the cooking and everything. But we didn’t celebrate Christmas. Thanksgiving was the big one…

Not that I didn’t love Christmas. I have a great time at Christmas. But Thanksgiving was always it.
I wanted to celebrate Christmas. I suffered from Christmas envy. It seemed to me the whole world was Christian and they were all having Christmas, and I wasn’t having Christmas. Yeah, I really did.