First Date

Nov 8, 2019

I was a bit of a run-around. I was young and I was a run-around guy. But then one day when I went to England I saw this fair…She was so pretty. She had dimples on both sides. My God. And I talked to her, but she was in the army, and she was in a place named Gloucestershire, 70 miles away from London. Oh, I said, “My friend, God, my God, I would like to meet that girl again.” And didn’t you know, when she… She had family in Ipswich, where I was living. And when she came…Now… and she called me from over the other side. And she never knew I was after her. And if I had met her, I would be on my knees.

But anyhow, we got… We lived together. We got married, had 21 years…after that, four children. And you know, we had a beautiful marriage. But, you know, I was still a bit of a run-around… I had a few little things on me that rode with me.

She never refused me, you know. She used to come down almost every month, when she’d get her vacation, on… or when she’d have a weekend off she would come down. She would stay with me at my house and then she would go by her family. But she’d definitely come to stay a weekend with me.

So we got it all together and we got married, and had four… five beautiful children. She has a daughter just like her…