First Date

It wasn’t really a know how you grow up, you’re children. I guess he thought he was my boyfriend and I guess I thought he was my boyfriend. It was in grade school, even earlier than that! It was no date, I’m just talking about how you think that he’s your boyfriend and vice versa. There was no actual date.

My first actual date? Oh my! I think it was when I was 16. He came down to the location to work, and that’s how he met me in the neighborhood. But I never felt he was my boyfriend, he wasn’t really my type. He didn’t win me over in the end. This was at my grandmother’s place, down in North Carolina.

My mother was a teacher, she was away at college at the time. I was very young. My grandmother didn’t know I was dating!

I met my husband…He came with his brother, my sister’s boyfriend, came to our house. So I guess he told his brother about me. That’s how, his brother had come to see my sister. That’s how I met my husband. He was in the service, he was in Japan. We were dating during the war. I worked at the place where you make parts for planes, and blueprints. I wasn’t an engineer, my main job to work with the blueprints. I didn’t think it was a difficult job. I enjoyed it. I kept working throughout my life, from one thing to another…