First Date

Nov 8, 2019

Oh, yeah. I didn’t like him. I didn’t like him at all. I kept dating, but I didn’t like him at all. But eventually he was like a nice person and I fell in love with him. We fell in love. He had been in the Navy in the second world war. So when he came back, he changed my life. We got married. That’s Sandy’s father. Our daughter. Yeah, she knows. Yeah…

And we fell in love and we were in love already and we wrote to each other until he came back and he changed my life. We had children and that’s it. I married my first husband. The first serious date I met. We married.

So how did he convince you to go on a date if you didn’t like him in the beginning?

I don’t know why. He kept taking me to movies and I noticed he was a nice guy. And he met my brother and my brother liked him. My brother was in the army. He was in the Navy. And they talked a lot and I noticed they got along. They were nice. He was family parts in life. So eventually, I fell in love.

So what was your first date? A movie?

Yeah. At Times Square. In those times, it was nice. And he bought me a gardenia. They used to sell flowers along and he bought me my first gardenia. I will remember that. I love gardenias. They used to do nice things in Times Square. Sell flowers and things like that.

Do you remember the movie?

I think it was Cleopatra

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