Memories of My Brother

October 22, 2020

Throughout this whole ordeal, I just recently lost my dear brother, my only brother. We went through a rough time, but it was a little humor in that because when I… I wasn’t able. They wouldn’t let me in the hospital to see him. You know, it’s drawn into this corona thing. It was really, really terrible. I spent a lot of time on the phones with clinicians, almost thought I was the patient, you know?

But finally, I went to … you know, they opened the doors and I made it there to see him. And he with his cheerful, with his smile, he looked up when he could, always with a smile. So I said, “Oh my God.” So finally, when I got back home I said, “Oh my god.” You know, that’s when I really started breaking down. I said, “Well I don’t want all of this to have to at the last minute doing all of this and that,” because I felt in my heart that he was approaching the end.

So I said, “Well I guess I’d better start writing his obituary.” So I started writing out his obituary and stuff like that, you know. And finally, I started getting so much into it I heard his little voice say, “Sharon, you writing my obituary and I’m not even dead yet.” I closed the book, and I just put it aside. And then I said… I started entertaining a whole lot whole different ideas that I can relate to what she’s saying. I lost my brother during the … he didn’t have Covid, but he had some dialysis issues. So I thought that was funny.

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