Grateful for My Family and Children

November 19, 2020

I’m thankful for my health. Thankful for my family’s health. Especially I have four kids. There are three essential, two police officers, and one nurse who works in the hospital, and the other one is a TLC in the Brooklyn library. And thank God because we have a roof above our head, and for the health. The health that we have, all of us. That’s very, very important, and I would like to share this moment with you people that they know there’s one person above us that they always watch and keep us healthy.

The police officer doesn’t live too far from us and have two granddaughters, and they went to school. And my two sons who live with me, one rent the basement with his wife, TLC, and the nurse, he has a place in the hospital. But he comes to see mommy for food or something like that and daddy. That’s a blessing, you know? The oldest is 45. The other one is 43. The other one is 38. And the youngest one is 30. So, all of them…The three older ones are married, and there’s only one single, the nurse.

We get together, you know. The police officer they come once in a while come because they have their own life and things like that. But they come. They visit us from outside with masks and everything. But they come into the house too. And Gregory, who is the youngest one, is the nurse. He always comes with a mask. Always come with a mask. Doesn’t leave the mask for nothing, you know? And one who lives in the basement, he always comes with shopping up here, or with juice or something, you know?

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