November 19, 2020

I’m grateful for life and all my senses, including the sense of intuition. With regard to my senses, I’m grateful for the sight of my darling daughter, Gabrielle, when I see her. I’m grateful for the sound of music, especially soothing instrumental music. I’m grateful for the smell of gardenias. I’m grateful for the taste of dark chocolate covering bing cherries. I’m grateful for the feeling of movement in dance. I’m grateful for the touch of the skin of a loved one. I’m grateful for the opportunity to truly know my family and friends and for the opportunity to grow spiritually.

When I was a little girl in catholic school, I learned that the reason we’re on this earth plane is to know and serve God in this world and the next. Well, in this world, I can choose to see God within everyone I meet. I feel grateful for that opportunity. I’m grateful for community. It just occurred to me yesterday that “community” can be broken into two parts: “come” and “unity,” which is a worthy pursuit, I think, for all of us on this earth. There is great beauty in diversity. We can choose to include to include one another in all of the joys and riches in this life.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to choose what I think and what I believe and what I do in each moment. I have a little tune that reminds me that I have that power to do and be: “Do-be-do-be-do.” I’m grateful for resilience in challenging times and I’m grateful for a spiritual path to follow. I’m grateful for my power to do good in many ways and my basic belief that I’m very grateful for is that we’re not human beings having an occasional spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings immersed in the human condition. That is a quote by Pierre [sp?]. I’m very grateful for that belief because it helps me accept what otherwise may be intolerable situations, and I know that all is well on the spiritual plane. Amen.

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