April 29, 2021

I will start with my story. It is simple, but I think you people will understand. The title is “Immigrant.” I am an immigrant. And I love every single moment of it. I remember arriving to the JFK Airport, one September 14, 1968, dressed very elegant. I am not the type of person who like to dress elegant. And I thought I’d seen now that the many mistake, because everybody in the airport was so casual.

My first impression on this big city was very bright. Everything in the street was very bright. I did arrive at nighttime. The pace in the city was very fast. I was fascinated with the subway system on the impressives, very impressive, since I came from a small country, Palapa Veracruz, Mexico, there were country, with a lot of limitation.

In the beginning, I was scared, but with the time I start to get used to. I was only 19 year old. Learn how to survive with the help of a lot of people, that I met in my lifetime journey in this beautiful country, I was able to fit in.

I met my wife. She’s from different country, different culture, different language, but was Catholic just like me. We did connect immediately. Like every other couple, we did have our ups and downs in life. We did succeed in our life with two great kids, now professionals. One is TLC [SP], and the other one, physical therapist. Their name is Thomas and Gregory.

God bless America. Thank you very much.

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