I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

Yo nací en Nueva York. Mis padres son de Puerto Rico. Mis abuelos me criaron. La canción que me gusta es por Whitney Houston de la pelicula, “The Bodyguard.” La cancion “I Will Always Love You.” La dediqué a mi abuela, a mis abuelos. Mi abuela murió el 20 de Julio de 1991. Esa era la fecha dell nacimiento de mi hijo.

I was born in New York. My parents are from Puerto Rico. My grandparents raised me. I like Whitney Houston’s song from the movie, “The Bodyguard.” The song “I Will Always Love You.” I dedicated it to my grandmother, to my grandparents. My grandmother died on July 20, 1991. That was also the date of my son’s birth.

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