In Tune With Nature

October 8, 2020

I like the water. Just like some of you have mentioned, being around the water always provides me with a great sense of peace, and comfort, and relaxation. In addition to that, waking up early in the morning and creating my own…in the presence of my own home, creating moments of silence is a form…a great form of peace because sometimes I don’t live there…I live in Brooklyn, and I can get down to Brooklyn Bridge Park, where there’s some water. I can get to Coney Island. But lately, since this pandemic, I haven’t been moving around like that, that often. But I do, but not as frequently as I used to.

So I create my silence in the presence of my own home. And I find that I’m able to do that, and find that comfort more so early in the morning when the birds have started to sing. And I just feel more in tune with nature, when I’m able to greet the early mornings. And that’s where I find my peace.

In the presence of my own home…and silence provides me with the peace that makes me comfortable. Just getting up. Because we’re living in some hectic times, where everywhere you go, there are horns blowing if you live in a city like I do. I live on a commercial block … and there are moments when it’s quiet, particularly since the pandemic I noticed. When the nights come, there’s less people around. People run out and do whatever they have to do in the earlier parts of the day. And traffic and everything dies down at a certain time.

And I’m thankful for that. But right in the presence of my own home, I can create my own silence. And sometimes my son, he’ll come over, and he’ll say “Mom put the TV on.” “No, no. No, I enjoy silence. That’s a peaceful time for me. And I feel like it’s an advantage because a lot of people cannot create that space or that silence in the presence of their home because there are so many things going around…going on. So I can create my own peace right in the presence of my own home.

In my home, I have a specific place I go to find that silence and pace. I have windows … where I can go to my windows and I can see outside. And particularly, I can see the sky. So I squat down on the floor very close to the window, and I spend a lot of time on the floor. And I just raise myself up towards the sky. Some people can’t even see the sky. They look out the window, and all they can see is the next building or a brick wall … but that matters to me a great deal.

And another place I go for peace is by the water, like Brooklyn Bridge Park and Coney Island. I usually get there…well, I can ride my bike there. There’s the time when I rode my bike there. But I have always been propelled to go by the water. So I will make a conscious effort to take a train. And I would always like the water around…to be around the water particularly during September moving forward, autumn because there are less people. So I feel like I’m on an alley all by myself.

And it’s right there at Coney Island, and they did some major renovations. I don’t know when the last time any of you guys have been there, but they’ve been doing some major renovations there at Coney Island … but sometimes I just like to go on a walk from Brighton Beach, from one end to Sea Gate to the other. And I’m going to tell you when I get back home, I really sleep really, really well.

I was also born in February, so I like water. That’s my sign, I’m a water sign. But it just provides me with a great, great sense of comfort. And to me being by the water is very sacred. It says it in the scripture, “He leadeth me beside the still waters.” So I have no problem with putting a hat on my head, and a scarf around my neck, and going to the water early in the morning. Unfortunately, I don’t have friends who will be willing to do that with me …but I don’t need that. It would be nice if I had somebody to say, “Well come on,” to join me. But hey, it’s so welcoming, that I don’t need anybody to come with me because I know what overcomes me, and how I feel once I’m there. So I spend some time out there. I cuddle up, I have my little cup of coffee, or I have my book that I try to read.

But it’s always been difficult for me to really read, while I’m sitting on a boardwalk. It’s just I just want to embrace the atmosphere and I can’t stay focused in a book. So I’ve grown out of the habit of carrying a book because I never get to reading. But I’m glad it’s there. And sometimes when I’m not able to make it there, I close my eyes and I imagine being there, and what that experience is about. And it’s a misfortune for those who have not experienced it. I’m glad that I’m able to do that.

I’m retired now. But there have been times where I would try to wake up early enough in the morning just to sniff the ocean, and then go to work because I feel like I’m a little ahead of all the others, or if not, in the evenings after work. After a stressful day at work, I would go out there and sniff that sea and breathe it in just to renew myself. And I would always walk away with something. I can’t always explain exactly what that something is but it always propelled me to go back. And even when it’s snowing, I just have a romance. I have a romance with the sea. I don’t know if you’ve ever walked to the other end to Sea Gate because down at the other end, it’s Sea Gate, which is a gated area, a gated community. But down at Sea Gate, that’s when the ocean opens up. They do a lot of fishing there. And when you get a chance, walk…take that walk straight down there to the end. It’s really, really nice.

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