Islamorada With My Brothers

December 3, 2020

I was in Florida. That’s where I usually like to go for vacations because my brother is there … two of my brothers are there. As it is now, the two that are still living are in Florida and myself. There’s three of us left. Well, this particular year, my brother decided that we were gonna go to Islamorada. I don’t know if you’ve heard of that place. It’s in the Florida Keys.

And so, we made a little weekend trip there and it turned out to be such a good experience. I got to spend time with my two brothers and we were hoping at one point to get the other two to come and have the same experience. But all five of us, as adults, but it never happened. My other two brothers passed away, one recently and one last year. So I was thinking about that. That we had always planned to go back. So a very beautiful place.

The name of the place was Islamorada, it means purple isle. It’s very tropical. We stayed at a beautiful hotel. It was like a family thing. We had two different big, big rooms and we had kids with us and they were, like, all over the place. They were sleeping on the couches. It was just my two siblings, myself, and one of their spouses. The other one was single. I was single at the time, my husband had passed.

But it was a family time thing and my brothers cooked for us. They made all the things that we love. We’re Puerto Rican and we just had such a lovely time. As an adult, I don’t remember ever having spent such a wonderful time with my brothers. And it was like you say a spur of the moment thing. They decided, “Well we’re gonna take sis to Islamorada.” But the place is beautiful. I hope to go back someday.

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