My neighborhood

October 1, 2019

If I had to describe a neighborhood I grew up in…I grew up in Bolivia. I was there until I was 16 years old, so the neighborhood…because I’ve been moving around. I was living in a big city, it was very crowded, it was a lot of buildings. I used to live on the 15th floor. I didn’t know any other children in the building because I feel there were not other children in the building, like my other friends who live in houses, they used to go with their friends. I used to live in a building where I only had one friend. She lived on the second floor and I lived on the 15th. We were all going up and down. Sometimes we used to send letters, with wool, from one window to the other window. To see if she can catch it, but usually she never catches it because of the wind. The neighborhood was a lot of trees, the weather was always cold, because it’s La Paz, the whole year is like now, chilly. I was always wearing jackets. I used to love my neighborhood, but I wish I lived in a more free neighborhood, more nature.

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