December 12, 2020

Joanne Koralesky was nicknamed “Joyanna” by friends who experience her as an “instigator” of joy and laughter (and on a personal note, I can absolutely confirm that Joyanna is indeed an instigator of joy and laughter). She now lives in Kansas City, Missouri, having recently moved from Portland, Maine to live across the street from her daughter Gabrielle who purchased a home for her! (I feel fortunate to have seen her journey throughout all of this!)

These days, Joyanna is zooming throughout the internet to classes in Qigong, Spiritual Economics, Metaphysical Bible Study, Laughter Yoga as well as regular Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Healing Energy Practices and multiple Reimagine workshop offerings which focus on Life, Love and Loss.

Post-Covid, she imagines offering Reiki and Therapeutic Touch to help people move blockages of stuck energy in order to achieve balance in body, mind and Spirit.

She continues to see Gratitude as an antidote to the anxieties of our time and will now share her Ode to Gratitude with us…

My ode to gratitude. I’m grateful for life and all of my senses, including my sense of intuition. I’m grateful for the sight of my darling daughter, Gabrielle, who brings me such joy. I’m grateful for the sound of music, especially soothing instrumental music. I’m grateful for the scent of gardenias. I’m grateful for the taste of dark chocolate-covered Bing cherries.

I’m grateful for the touch of a loved one’s hand. I’m grateful for the feeling of movement in dance. I’m grateful for the opportunity to truly know my family and my friends. I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow spiritually. When I was a little girl in Catholic school, I learned that the reason we are here on this earth is to know, love, and serve God in this world and the next. In this world, I can choose to see God within everyone I meet. I’m grateful for community.

It came to me recently that the word community can be divided into two words: come and unity. Come … unity is a call to all of us on this earth. There is great beauty and power in our diversity. We can choose to include one another in all of the joys and riches of this passing life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to choose what I think, what I believe, and what I do in each moment. Sometimes I sing a little tune to remind myself that I have the power to choose what to do and how to be. Dooby dooby doo, da, da, dooby dooby doo…

I’m grateful for a spiritual path to follow. And I’m grateful for the grace of resilience in challenging times. I’m grateful for my belief in the goodness of humankind and for my power to do good while I am here. I’m grateful for the words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Jesuit priest, who said, “We are not human beings having an occasional spiritual experience. Rather, we are spiritual beings immersed in the human condition.” I believe this is true. It helps us to accept what otherwise might be intolerable experiences on this earth plane. We can choose to hover above these experiences in the realm of presence and prayer. We know that all is well on our spiritual plane. We can choose to be grateful.

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