Joyful Day

Nov 15, 2019

My most joyful day was in 1954. I received my first Holy Communion. I had my white suit on, I went to confession, and I told God my sins. Then I was drilled by my mother on what I told God. Did you forget this, this, and this and all these things that I didn’t remember.

But, it’s very happy moment because I was with all my friends at church, we’d had our white suits on and all my relatives came over, you had a dinner, and it was really a lot of fun. But, I was glad to get it over with because there was remembering a lot of prayers and a lot of church theology, which, after church, you wanted to get out and play. It was two hours, after church. So, I was glad to get it over with. So, that was about my most joyful moment.

Yeah was it getting over it was the most joyful part?

Yeah, it was grueling. When you were eight years old, you know. That’s how you make… that’s the age. As far as Communion and then confirmation. Everyone was pretty much the same age. So add about the eight or 10 other kids and girls there, we got our first Communion. It was nice.

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