Joyful Day

Nov 15, 2019

I don’t remember that is being the most joyful day or not a joyful day, but don’t have days like that. I tried to make every day joyful for me. I started walking, I started eating goodies, I started meeting people, I can see, and I can hear, those are joyful days. Those are joyful moments, which eventually, again, the day adds up to a joyous day. That’s how I think, and that’s how I am.

I’m just saying what is a joyful day. It just depends and maybe after a while it fades into memory. I don’t know.

Was there a more like eventful day that you recall?

Lessons, I’ve been wrong when I was a kid. You at least have to wish, want, and ask and you’ll get it. Now, I can wish, ask, wish, want and if I don’t work for it, I don’t have it. So yes, joyful days. Joyful days I’m probably so tired of trying to get them, I just didn’t worry about it, I mean, not really, I can’t.

Not really, every day is joyful day, I’ve coming here many of years and I don’t know anybody that has seen me depressed and sad about anything. Anytime. I’m not like that. I just, you know, every day is a joyful day.

You have a good attitude.

I think it probably bothered me at some point, by the time I’m coping with it, overcoming and dealing with, passing the next one, you know, but I don’t see that it bothers me about anything…

I think the greatest thing, you survive your family. Yolanda has a gorgeous daughter. If you survive your daughters, we all going to have mothers… So it’s always joyful, joyful days.

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