Joyful Day

Nov 15, 2019

Okay. In 1967, I was working in the post office, so I had some time off because the wife was pregnant. And she and I, we had a big house, upstairs, downstairs. I was sleeping next to her, just in case anything. We didn’t have a midwife with us. And suddenly she moved from this room over to the other room. Next thing when I wake, she was in there giving the baby, making the baby. I done everything, except cut the navel. I was a doctor then, I don’t know how I manage. I done everything! The only thing I never done was to cut the navel.

I got the bag, I cleaned up everything, and then I didn’t have a phone in my house, so then I had to run down the phone and call the midwife, so she comes. “Why did you-?” I say, “I had a choice. Call you or leave her.” So she said, “Well you were right.”

Yeah so I delivered her.

So one day I was calling and talking to her recently, about four years ago. I said, “You know, Christie, I’m the first person to ever seen your face.” “Oh, that’s why you treat me so good!”

She was elated about getting the message, but I was not only elated, I was in a position where I thought it was a dream. Things like that, my God tell me, he say, “Look go, go next door, and do whatever you have to do.” Everything. And even now I feel every time I talk about it, I feel she was there before me.

And then she called me on my birthday, she called me from England because she could convert from Barbados to England. Because she was living in England and some people came over to Barbados in her business, and they commute as much as they can.

I was the father of 11 children.

How many wives?

One wife. I would never, I know there was only one. I went to England, I was knocking everything that’s in sight. And then I met this girl, this lady, and she was only 18 and I was only 25. And I said to myself, I don’t want to get married until I’m 35. But I saw these dimples on this lady. I said, no, no, no, George you can’t run away and leave this.

Let me give you another joke. I go into Bryant Park every day. Even now when I leave here, I go into Bryant Park and I play petanque and different things. And a guy keep coming to me, talking to me and he said, “Granddad” I don’t know how he find me, but I don’t even know his mom.

And every day, next week I have photos I’ll show you. We went out to eat on my birthday and we ate at the barbecue place there. And he tells my son, “I’m your dad’s grandson.” I don’t know nothing. Well, he must have find me somehow, he must have had his computer out.

He really is?

I said, I don’t even his mom. I don’t know. It just happened. I meet him almost every day. We go to the barbecue for lunch, dinner, one day. He had a marvelous time. And I keep thinking… And then my son and him are in consultations, to find out who’s who, because my son is far more intelligent than I am. So they had. I don’t know. I can’t say what your mom looked like. I know what I’m saying, I just know…

It was a very nice surprise. And he keeps saying dad, granddad, he never calls me by my name. He means me or we happen to be in the park, we happen to be anywhere. Granddad. So him now and my son get together and they’re making some noise. I don’t know what kind of noise. Let me hear you.

But he calls me with love, he don’t talk to me like you’re a passerby. And that’s that. He calls to me like my son or my daughter or everyone.

And my third daughter, she’s like me. I’m a very shy person. You wouldn’t believe it. I’m a very shy person, but I like a bottle of wine. It’s corked down and then the cork flies everywhere and that’s me. All right. Then I can give you a question and then we can talk again. It’s kind of like that, you know? I know I always relish that as one of the hardest parts of my life.

My daughter, she always knows she is the best thing in the world. She just got her PhD. That same one. And so they’re quite happy back in Barbados. I took them from England and took them back to Barbados. Their education has highlighted because I put them in a Catholic church school. When you’re in the Catholic school, you follow directions. If you are caught at anytime with your uniform on, I’ll get a letter. You have to follow the rules and regulations.

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