Judith Conway reads at Stories from Brooklyn and Beyond Showcase

December 12, 2020

Judith Ann (Matiz) Conway is one of 13 children of a hard-working Mom from Puerto Rico and a Dad who is from the Philippine Islands. She was born in Annapolis, Maryland, and came to New York as a teenager to work and help her parents and her siblings. She lives in beautiful Bay Ridge Brooklyn, New York. She retired from Beth Israel Medical Center and the New York Department of Mental Health (now Mental Hygiene). She spends most of her time helping, and socializing with friends, neighbors, and assisting at her parish, Our Lady of Angels. She says, “We’re all aging as gracefully as we can.” And let me also say that Judith is such a positive presence in our weekly workshops. She greets everyone with a warm and welcoming smile and spreads nothing but kindness in our group. Please welcome Judith!

During all of these weeks that we have shared as cherished memories, when so many times, I mentioned poverty growing up in this household of 13 children. I never mentioned the richness of my life story, which, through my parents’ acts of love, my dad, I said he wrapped our gifts in newspapers. It was brown paper.

My mom, who always said she added love to her delicious cooking. My beloved aunt Virginia Titi, who showed us unconditional love. The reflections, family gatherings, life experiences, so many happy and sometimes wistful memories. The traditions also beautiful as memorable, so memorable, so profound.

I would like to thank our gifted facilitator Linnea, a warm, exceptional, easygoing, fun, and caring person, and all of the wonderful co-presenters and members who have enriched my perspective. As I traveled with them in thought and heart, they opened doors to me and told me of places and adventures they had gone all over the world, creating so many life memories. With gratitude, Judith.

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