Learning to Love My Family Pets

November 12, 2020

I have two Golden Retrievers, and they are so funny and so intelligent and all my friends and kids come to our house. They love them. But sometimes they are really naughty. They bite. They bite slipper, and they bite our sofa, and then they make you crazy, crazy and busy. But we love them. My son, of course, loves them. We love them. And I didn’t have any pets or dogs when I was growing up, only the two dogs.

When my son bring the first one to home and I said, “Oh we find so lovely. So cute. It’s a baby dog.” After a few months, he grew up. Wow, it’s bigger and bigger. They make our families really happy and busy. But I know dog is sometimes very carefree and they obey their owner. They will listen to them, but they don’t listen to me very much, but they know me to give them food when all people busy. So sometimes I found that they will give some people warmth, you know when people want to talk to someone, and then they can attach with them to comfort the people. It makes me feel that dogs are sometimes close to a friend, for people.

And then my son brings the second one, it’s a baby dog. He told me, we can try to keep four months. If you don’t like it, I return. But after four months, you won’t return. You will keep it at home because it’s too cute. Sometimes it’s hard to express how you love them. They will make you love them. They really understand what you think.

So sometimes you know, you think how can they be like that? They understand what you want, and they also know how they can get things from you. When you come home you feel the atmosphere is different, it’s not empty. They will give you a warm welcoming and their tail is going. So you will feel everything you forgot, if you have some trouble, you will forget at that moment. And they are really huge, 100 pounds. I think the other one is almost 65 or 70 pounds.

I feed them because when my son busy, my husband busy, so I am the one to feed them and sometimes take a walk, a short walk. But they know me not to go far. They’re really, really smart. But when my son and my husband bring them out, they will walk 2 feet, a block, or maybe 30 minutes to return back. When I walk them, they know I’m not walking far because I’m scared. They bark with other dogs.

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