Love Changes

Nov 8, 2019

Well Rob Ricardo, plus I told you about our next door neighbor, and I pursued him. I was just a child, a kid, teenager, and I went through that. My mother went along with it, you know, it makes her happy and we can set the stage for a future engagement, marriage.

And what happened was, he had gone off to the Navy, and we communicated by letters, and my mother had even sent him a watch overseas. We were very happy, because it’s a very nice family, very nice man, same religion. We all went to the same church. I think the first devastating thing I ever went through in my life was when I received a dear John letter from him stating that he could no longer … Being that I was too young to be in this relationship.

Oh, I was completely devastated. My mother was very, very consoling at that time. My mother was so good. She really helped me get through it.

But these are the things in life that happen. You have to be able to overcome all these obstacles.

And you’re right. That was the first blow. The first really-

Because you were young, right?

Very young, 16. And you’re more or less groomed for marriage, and we came from a very strict Roman Catholic background in the neighbor. My mother was really very good. She just wanted to make me happy.

Well, after … My mother remarried, and we moved away from my grandparents’ house, and so that was the first time, but it didn’t change my life. I was always a still friendly person, still went on being a very friendly person after that.

You met other people?

A lot of other people. I had a lot of friends.

So were you able to distinguish infatuation or love, in retrospect?

No. Not really. I think a love runs very deep. Infatuation is just a …physical, surface thing. Love, I’ll tell you one experience, love at a very early age, at a very young age, but they haven’t experienced life.

So I was glad my mother was there. I’ll beat you to that. I cried and cried. She said, “There’ll be other people along,” you know?

But he really was a very nice person.

So they called it a dear John letter?

Yeah, that’s what they called it then. When somebody was in the service. Yeah.

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