Love Changes

Nov 8, 2019

I was so glad to be free. Love? Marriage? Are you kidding? I like to be free. I love every moment. I love every single moment.

So, no man tied you down?

at 16… Once, yes, but that… You know, that passed too. But no, I don’t… I’m not a grieving person, you know? You look around you, and then you go up and, you know, you look around where some love has led you and led other people? I don’t think so. I don’t think so.

I guess life was different. When I come here as a senior, I hear conversation. Maybe my life was just different. I grew up with grandparents, and they had different ideas about raising you, because my mother wanted to be a career girl. Now, strangers in our house? No. You got it? You got the picture? Strangers in the house, no. If you don’t know the mother and the father? Not in her house. That’s it. That’s how life was. Happy life, but that’s how it was.

But you lived in Paris?

That’s later on. When I’m in charge of me.

So my life was different. But you know… what am I going to say. Guys always say stuff. It doesn’t matter, I got my own life…

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