Love Changes

Nov 8, 2019

The reason I’m homeless is because of an eighteen-year relationship I was in, and this would’ve been the nineteenth year, you know?

But one day I came home – it was in February of this year – the tragedy came in to play when I saw that the lady I was in a relationship with, she – we done went through some changes. We went to Atlanta. We were homeless. We went through a whole lot of changes, so we was on a section eight roster together, you know, that means nobody can stay in the house.

And on Sunday moving all this stuff in the basement with two Mexicans, so I went upstairs and said, what’s going on? Timothy’s moving all his stuff.

And she said, well, he got evicted. And he’s just going to be in for five days and then he’s out.

That’s all right. But she never asked for my consent

Not that she had to, you know, because we’re not married, but eighteen years, that’s like a marriage. You know…

That’s basically a marriage

…she should have asked me, because we’re under section eight. Only me and her have the rights to be there, you know. Because that’s under that granted privilege. You know, it’s a privilege that they give you section eight for a couple, you know…that’s not married.

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