Love Changes

Oct 29, 2019

When I fell in love? I think I fell in love too early in life. I thought. So I don’t consider, I don’t know… Then I think maybe as a young teenager and I just said, it was just infatuation I guess. And I dated the same person I fell in love with all the way through. And me, I married the first person I fell in love and dated and everything. And out of that falling in love I got married at a too young an age, I think like 17 going on 18, yeah. And of that I begin to have children right away. So out of that marriage I had like six children. Yeah. And I guess I stayed in love. I took the marriage vow. I believed in the marriage vow said – death do us part. And I did that, death do us part and death does…did me apart over there at 185 Wyckoff Garden. Yeah. So that marriage was the, I thought it was puppy love and that, but you know. It turned into something real…Yeah, yeah. That’s the end of my love story.

There was some benefits having kids young. Right?

Yeah. Yeah. And they all turned out good. All six of them turned out very well. Very well. And I’m grateful for that. Yeah. So I guess that was love because I asked myself, do I really know what love is?

How did it change you?

Oh, the children changed me. The children changed me, it like, I felt like I was cheated out, you know, a childhood or whatever. Right. So sometime now that’s why act youthful. I enjoy young people. Yeah. And I still think I’m young.

Your grabbing your childhood back.

Yeah, yeah.

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