Love Changes

Nov 1, 2019

The first time I fell in love was … I was very young. But I couldn’t show him that I love him because he was older than me, and my father had told us that if we … get a boyfriend, he will take us out of school. And I was starting my high school at that moment, and he did it with my sister. So I didn’t want him to do it to me either.

So I fell in love with him, and we will go to church together and whatever. But that was as far as we went. Well, once he tried to kiss me, and he kissed me, and I went home thinking that if the kiss was there… I was cleaning it off with a … like they weren’t going to see me. They were going to see it. And I keep on saying-And my mother, and walked in and I went straight to my room.

“What’s wrong with you? You saw the devil?”

But I was more … it was more, the love was more like, I would say, I was admiring him, because he used to play the guitar in the church, and he used to sing, so it was … I just, I was more than a fan of him , but we was never consumated, I never … I didn’t marry him or anything. I came from … when I graduated, then I came here and I … that was it. But every time I go to Puerto Rico, I see him. He’s married now.

Yeah, no, but yeah, he don’t look the same, anyway. That’s it.