Love Changes

Nov 8, 2019

How did he change you, your husband?

With his kindness and niceness and his friendship with my brother. And, I noticed he was a nice person.

I learned how to love someone. I mean, I had never loved any boy in high school or anything. I just didn’t like them. So, he taught me how to love, you know, how to love someone.

He was kind and he had been in the Navy and we were all grateful for that. You know, the soldiers … and they would come and leave and that was it. That’s how he changed my life of course. We got married after he came back and had my children. I have a daughter and I have a son also.

Is there anything about marriage that you wish you were told about before you went through with it?

No, not really. He remained the same in other words, in marriage, nice, kind. It was a nice marriage, that’s what I learned. I thought every marriage was like that and I used to be shocked when people got a divorce or something like that because I thought everybody… I was young and thought everybody was happy.

Everybody happy! But, no, it’s not like that. So, that’s what I learned. It’s not perfection, the marriage.

You never fought?

No, we used to fight and make up. Yeah, yeah. We used to fight. He used to say I’d get him in trouble. You know, “Oh, you do this and get me in trouble. One day somebody gonna beat me up. You’re too friendly with people. And, you smile at people, and this and that. One day somebody’s not going to like it.” You know, silly things. Yeah, at another man, or couple, when we were at a party and I would dance with somebody else. You know, they pick me up to dance. I was very sociable all of my life. I danced since I was little. I like to dance. Nobody was gonna stop me.

Was he sociable?

Oh, he was sociable.

Is he still around?

No, my husband passed 15 years ago. His name was Manny. Manuel, Manny. We called him Manny. It was painful in the beginning. Yeah, it’s painful, but you have other things. You have your children and we have grandchildren. I have grandchildren, four grandchildren. Two boys, and two girls.

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