Love Changes

Oct 22, 2019

Well, after my husband died, about two years later I met this guy, Ecuadorian. I met him in a dance. I like to dance. He told me, “Oh, could I take your phone number?” “Okay, why not?” We’re dancing. He tells me, “Give me a kiss.” I’m very daring. I did give him the kiss. Take the kiss. He took me home. I gave him my phone number. He pulled up, four o’clock in the morning, my son says, “Ma, who’s Angel?” “Angel… Ooh, that’s a friend I met, that’s a friend,” I told my son.

We dated for, wow, I did care for him, like almost for two years. I met his parents, I met his mother, his sisters, and everything. For about a year, we’re going out, he gave me an engagement ring. He said, I love you so much. Oh Christ. What? After that year, he change. I live on the 11th floor, he was seeing somebody on the 12th floor, ended that.

And I’m a person… I went to him. So one day he came to my house. He used to check. “Tell me something about that girl from the 12th floor.” 

“How do you know that? I never told you that.” And you know, getting two and two together. I’m very suspicious. It’s been years, I haven’t seen him. Sometimes I see him in the park, I won’t talk to him, doesn’t talk to me. That’s why I don’t trust no men.

You still run into him?

Every once in a while and we don’t speak. Because he know he did me wrong.

He still with the same lady?

No. He’s with somebody else. That’s why I don’t trust no men.