Historical Event

Oct 15, 2019

The one that is more vivid in my mind is 9-11. That’s the one that I really, I still think about it and I can imagine going through another. I was working in the school right here and I had put my younger grandsons in the bus to go to school not even ten minutes before that happened. And his school is in the area. That’s where the school was. And when somebody said an airplane went through the World Trade, I didn’t register it. I said …people were joking. Then I saw everybody with the commotion and then I said “What is happening?”. Then they said the World Trade, I was thinking that it was a train. So I got to work and they were locking the doors.  Because they…When they said “Oh it was the airplane that went in the World Trade Center” and they had the TV, watching it and I looked at it and I said, all of a sudden I reacted and I said “Wait a minute my grandson, my grandson!” And my daughter, because my daughter was doing some kind of job that she would go there every Wednesday. At the World Trade Center. And she was supposed to be there. So I said “Oh my god”. Then two of my grandsons, they used to go school down in the Red Hook area, and that was the only thing that came in my mind, that they’re in the area even though it’s across the water but it’s right there.

So when they said there’s three more planes that they’re looking for, I left. I opened the door of the school and I started running without telling the principal or anybody. Cause I wanted to go and get my grandchildren.

Yeah running to that area. So I went all the way down to Atlantic Avenue where the park is now. All the way down there, I went all the way down there looking for them because I knew they were in that area. And two of my grandkids, the two oldest, they were in the promenade because they had finished taking their class and they went to the promenade. And when they looked and they saw the plane go through, they looked at each other and they questioned each other “Did that really happen?” And they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

They called me before I left they said “Ma! They called the school that they were in the area” so I ran over there and I walked all the way down Atlantic Avenue as fast as I could. When I got to the end, near the water, they had the ship with the people full of all the dust on them. And I went to the hospital that was there to get a mask, and they had finished. They had no masks. So I went and I came back with the two of them but the other one was still in the school. And he was the youngest one. For me it was crazy because I didn’t know where he was, how he was, I was trying to call my daughter she wouldn’t answer. I was trying to call the school they were telling me “Don’t worry we’re locked down, we’re locked down” but I kept on saying “Did he get there?” They wouldn’t tell me.

Yeah they were locking down all the schools. So they didn’t tell me if people were there or not because they didn’t want to give that information. And I went through all that agony until almost 7:00 at night and that was when my daughter called me to tell me “Ma I’m okay, I wasn’t in the area”. But her husband was in the area. But he’s okay. We had a …where they had no reception with the phone there was nothing everything went. That was the worst.

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