Young Trouble

Oct 8, 2019

Well even though I was very quiet, we were a family of 10. When all 8 of us were together, my brother would make us do something wrong and we’d all pay. Even if I wouldn’t do it I would get paid for it, my father would spank us.

But there was one time, a few times…my father had made a hole in the ground to make a septic. He told me and my sister to not go near the hole and it’s filled with water from the day before, don’t go in there, stay away from it. He put some board right on top so wouldn’t be able to go in. But, kids are kids. Me and my sister would sit right on the edge of the board to play with our dolls. Then we’re playing and all of a sudden my doll fell, I went to grab it and I fell in the hole. The hole was full of dirty water, and frogs! Suddenly I’m swimming in the water and I see everybody around the edge of the hole looking at me and trying to grab me but couldn’t reach. I was screaming, because the frogs were running on me! Suddenly, my father came from I don’t know from where, he was always hiding places, I don’t know, he came and he jumped in the hole and opened his legs around the side of the hole, and then he grabbed me and pulled me out. Took me back to the house and cleaned my stomach. That was one of the experiences. I got in trouble for that.

Another time was, my sister challenged me. She told me I dare you get that horse and walk on the street and ride it. I told her, “I would do it.” It was my brother’s horse. They dared me, I got on the horse, with nothing on, no blanket, nothing on, bare. I’m got on the horse and I’m riding the horse, and a car is coming. The car stopped, who comes out? My father. My sister looked at me and I looked at her. She said, “No no no Papa it’s just that I told her to go get the horse because the horse got loose.” My brother Carlito, she said Carlito told her to watch the horse. So my sister whispered, “Don’t worry, don’t worry.” When my brother comes, he tells my brother, “Why do you let the girls watch the horse?” He looked at me, “Who? What?” They took the fall and my father said, “I don’t want to see you on that horse anymore!” That’s one thing that I remember, That’s still in my head. But yeah, got in trouble plenty of times. We’d go and pull out the sugar cane. That was another thing my mother didn’t want us to do. That’s something my brother would do and I’d be behind him picking it up. I never got hit. My sister would always say, “Don’t worry, don’t worry.” My sister was always quite protective.

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