Young Trouble

Oct 8, 2019

I had various experiences. The first experience, I was coming out of school at 5:30 in Puerto Rico with my friends. I was walking with my friends because I didn’t have money for the bus. Since I was always the playful one, my friends dared me to take the nun’s clothes – clothing hair, to see whether t she was bald of whether she had hair. So I was like, I’m going to do that. So I ran to her and took that away from her! She didn’t have hair, so we were all laughing about that.Then somebody told my mom, and I said “No, I didn’t do it,” I denied it. At the end they hit me because I did it. I was always the playful one doing something…

Another day I was trying to defend my brother, because I was always defending my siblings, and always taking care of them because we didn’t have much money and my mom was always working. Because one day I was defending my brother, I almost got stabbed by somebody. I ran away to the barbershop and hid there. Nothing happened to me, but my mother asked her, “why did you enter into the fight?” I said, “I wanted to protect my siblings.”

I was always doing something, I was always climbing trees, not really bad things, but always on something. When I was a teenager I wanted to go dance, and then I’d jump from the window to the street, with my shoes in my hands. And I’d come back the next day and the parents would realize. The window was very low so I didn’t hurt myself. I was in a skirt…

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