A family tradition

Oct 1, 2019

My favorite tradition is we share together, everything. Like I say, they all do, because I’m here. We always meet up one Sunday. Before, when we were young, everyone would bring a plate, something to share and we all eat together. Now because my mother is older, she don’t cook. And my brother’s wife had taken out the kitchen. So what they do is, they go to church in the morning, then after church everyone goes to their own house. And then for dessert, everyone comes to the house for dessert, to my mother’s house. And they all share dessert and share stories, conversations. They plan all their vacations together! They plan big trips together. Nobody goes by themselves. We have to plan it. Most of them are doctors and nurses, so they have to take vacation at the same time. So they tell each other, “Oh, when do you want to take vacation? When are you going to take yours?” So they can plan together, where they going to go, they coordinate for the same time. If one can not go, nobody goes. The traveling group, right now, is about 30. All together we’re 75. That’s not counting my family here. I already have a family of 32 here. I have 4 children, 13 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren. They are scattered. When I travel over there, I go by myself. When my grandchildren were younger, because I raised 7 of them, so I used to travel with 3 or 4 of them, something like that. Now, they are older, so I say I’m going by myself. On this side, we do have reunions once in a while. I wish it would be more often because that’s the part that I wanted to bring to them, to my family here. But it’s hard, in a big city it’s not the same as if you’re in the country. They used to come to my apartment because it’s big. But then now, most of them are in Staten Island. So, we go to Staten Island to my daughter, she has her own house, and in the summer they go there because they have a swimming pool. When it’s winter, we go to my grandson’s, because he has a big apartment near to where the ferry is. But I would love for them to have the tradition to meet once a week, Sundays, even if it’s just one or two hours together, and plan things together. But they tell me, “You were born in the wrong family.”

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