Memorable Stay During My Training Period

December 3, 2020

Well, I got nominated to the FBI National Academy. I stayed at Monaco, Virginia at the FBI National Academy and I stayed in one of the dorms there, and they got two main ones. And I had a roommate. And they’re like staterooms. And we used to have aboard ship. We used to have officers’ staterooms, and it was like that. And I had two suitemates. They were in the room right next door which was two people over and then, a restroom that separated the two, the four, or the two suites. Two suites, each one having two people.

We’d take off from here, and go to our classes. And shooting training, and all sorts of stuff like that. And defensive tactics, and all that stuff, exercise. You’d take off from the room and go to eat from here. Everything at the FBI Academy was catered by the Marriott Hotels so we ate really, really good. Because you run all the time, they even had a pasta bar that was separate from the rest of the dinners and you could eat spaghetti anytime you wanted to, or Rigatoni.

And then we had speakers come in, talk to us, and stuff. In fact, my immediate relations class, we had some high guy from the Washington Post. We were supposed to have Wolf Blitzer come in and talk to us but Wolf Blitzer couldn’t make it. And then I ended up going to CNN studios too on a field trip with them. And we sat right outside of Judy Woodruff and Bernard Shaw. We sat right outside of their offices.

I got to meet the head guy of CNN Studios of Washington, DC and we each gave him a patch from our department. Anyhow, they got a great, big, beautiful window in CNN Studios Washington, DC. And it shows the… and the Capital’s right there. I mean, like, big and looming right there. It’s really pretty. And so so that was really a neat experience because it’s a totally, completely different type of place to stay. And that was the 184 session that I was in.

They not only train the FBI National Academy people but we train right alongside the FBI agents going through training. And also the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Agency. So that was pretty memorable.