Memories of My Loving Pets

November 12, 2020

There were actually three. One of them, when I was four and half, I don’t know how I remembered my first dog, Betsy, who was pregnant at the time and followed my family to church. And we lived in a very, very rural area. And when they came from church, I said “Where’s Betsy?” They said that something had happened but they didn’t tell me. But years later, they said that a man who had been drinking took a broken bottle and killed the dog. So they didn’t tell me that at that age, I guess. But they just told me that she was in the hospital but they didn’t tell me she had died that day. That was my first dog, Betsy.

And then, the second story was a dog we had named Spotty, a mongrel, a mixed breed. And he was the love of our family’s life. And he was just a wonderful, wonderful dog. When Joanne was talking, I loved Joanne’s memories and the way she expresses them. And when Serena was talking about her dog that she loved so much, that she had to put to sleep, our Spotty, which my Daddy called Spot Nose because he had a white spot at the entrance of his nose. And Daddy was Filipino so he called him Spot Nose, instead of Spotty.

So they told us that Spotty had to go for surgery. We asked him, we were children, what was wrong. They said he has cancer. They’re gonna fix it. So they took him down to the vet to have surgery. And that evening, my mother came home and said that he didn’t make it. And we were screaming. I remember we were screaming and running up and down the yard screaming, “Spotty.” To this day, I remember him. He was such a wonderful dog. He had like a mixed brown, like tan and white color, with a long tail that went up in the air. And he was the delight of our family.

And a few animals in our yard… my mother had roosters. When we came from school… the roosters grow some kind of a thing on the side of their ankle, and they could hurt you with that. So we would come off and skid off the bus from school and then the rooster would chase us while walking down the street and kick us behind our knees, in that soft area behind the knees, and they would just do it every day of the school year. My mother never got rid of them. She just said, “Well they didn’t mean it.”

As for my adult life, I had two cats. One was a Persian, one was a calico. His name was Wilson and the other one was named Jodie. And I had them when I lived in Greenwich Village. I sublet an apartment and I couldn’t have the animals so I took them to Maryland, one to my brother, one to my mom. But I also had a dog named Yoko. And I gave him to a football player with the Baltimore Ravens because I wasn’t able to keep him. That was very sad. And then I had another dog named Eric the Red, a beautiful Irish Setter that was given to me as a puppy. When I took him to Maryland to visit family, my dad loved him so much I gave him to my dad. So that was my three adult animals, oh, four, two cats and two dogs.

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