A family tradition

Oct 1, 2019

Mine is Thanksgiving. My mom cooks, my mother always cooked. It’s all of us, the grandchildren get together at Thanksgiving. For Christmas they have no family, but for Thanksgiving, the kids are here, the grandparents are here. That’s what she does, she wants her big table…but she cooks a lot! Whoever brings dessert, whatever for Thanksgiving, that’s my favorite thing for me and my mom. She’s always had Thanksgiving. When my kids were little, there was a table for the little ones, and a table for adults. She cooks, she always cooks. My mother is 95! And she still cooks! She has red hair! My mom dyes her hair auburn red! She’s a little lady. She likes looking pretty. Her mind comes and goes, you know, but my brother and my sister deliver her. But if somebody cannot make it for Thanksgiving, they make it for Christmas Eve. Last year was for Christmas Eve. We don’t know yet for this year! It’s a big planning. 

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