My neighborhood

October 1, 2019

I was born in Puerto Rico, but I came here when I was a year and a half. I was very young. We were… 8, my mom, my dad, and my siblings, we were 6. In an apartment on Pacific Street, so I know this area really well. I was like about 10 years, I went to live with my grandmother. Because my mother used to travel. She was the one who taught me how to cook, how to take care of myself, and everything. My mom, I used to see my mom…one day, my grandma told me, “Minerva, I want you to do this, this and that.” I was 10 years old! She called my mom, and my mom came, and she ate the dinner. She said, “You know who made that dinner? Minerva!” My mom is 95 years old now. She lives here, on the second floor at Wyckoff. 95 years old. I still do a lot of cooking for the holidays. My grandmother taught me how to cook. She passed away when in 1986, she was 105. So I know this neighborhood very well, this is my neighborhood.

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