Hi, my name is Carole. I was in the hospital, and delivered my second child, my second little girl. And my first child, Lisa, came to the hospital – she was almost four – with her dad, you know for that visiting day you have. 

I was in a nightgown and a robe. And my daughter looked at me and said, “Mommy, you have your pajamas on and everybody’s looking at you!! Why are you walking around with your pajamas on in front of all these people?! Mommy!?!” 

Never mind that – she didn’t even like the little girl! She wanted the little boy that had all this nice black hair. She said, “Can we take this one?” As if she was shopping for a turkey in Key Food, you know, in the glass window! Haha! She didn’t like the little girl that we had to bring home, she wanted the little boy with the nice black hair. She thought this was cash and carry, you know.

She was Miss Prim, Miss Little Prim. And you know what, she’s still so prim! Oh my God, if I walked around in a robe that might be open down the front, oh my God! They would come with the safety pin, haha! They were like nine and and five. “Where’s the safety pin, Ma, you need the safety pin for your robe!” Haha! They were very prim and proper.

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