Moments of Peace in Nature

October 8, 2020

I think I like to go anywhere that’s outdoors. I have two kids. So I would go to the park, to the beach, just anywhere outside. It makes me find peace. For parks, I usually go to Prospect Park. The closest park that I have here is in Sunset Park, and in Borough Park.

At Sunset Park, it’s very diverse. You have a lot of different countries, like different foods. It’s very diverse, I would say. But at Prospect Park, one of my favorite things to do is when it’s nice outside, I usually just sit on the grass with my daughters, have a picnic. That was good. And it’s usually a weekend thing. And most of the time when I try to find peace, I go somewhere with my daughters. One is 7, and the other one is 15.

No other particular place stands out to me other than the parks, not right now in my mind. But I just feel like anywhere outside feels better than sometimes being home. I live in an apartment and most New York apartments are very small. So sometimes you kind of feel like it’s too small, so you just want to go outside.

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