Moments of Peace

October 8, 2020

When I was practicing my Qigong in the morning, it was a good way of grounding me and coming into myself. I have been on the move for the last three months so you know, that has pulled me away from a sense of serenity a lot of the time. Although I go for little walks and of course, I feel…it might sound counter-intuitive, but I actually feel a lot of peace being with my friends, talking on the phone, listening, connecting, gives me a great sense of oneness, you know just being with.

And that centers me. That gives me a sense of just being present. So I still have time to explore the areas here before winter, which I will do. And I’m sure there’s wonderful nature to be walked through and with. Oh, on the way from Portland, Maine to Kansas City, Missouri, we stopped a few times at rest areas. And I found myself hugging trees. My daughter was laughing at me, because it’s not a regular thing to do. But I just felt like I wanted to hug those trees.

And it just grounds you, you know? There’s a word for it in Japanese, I don’t remember it. But they’re regular tree huggers. And that’s peaceful. I feel once I am more rested, that I’ll be able to look around and become more at one with the place that I am, you know? Amen.

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